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We support the great work of the folks at CorgiAid     http://www.corgiaid.org/

Breed Associations


No National Associations with websites, but this site provide information on all breeds of dogs.



Pembrokes: http://www.pembrokewelshcorgis.ca/

Cardigans:   www.cardigancorgi.ca/links.html

Great Britain 

Cardigans: http://www.cardiganwelshcorgiassoc.co.uk/

Pembrokes: http://www.pembrokewelshcorgileague.co.uk/

New Zealand

This League covers both Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis



Cardigans: http://www.cardigancorgis.com/

Pembrokes: http://www.pembrokecorgi.org/


Kennel Clubs

Australia    www.ankc.aust.com                            Canada    www.ckc.ca

Great Britain   www.the-kennel-club.org.uk/            New Zealand   www.nzkc.org.nz

USA    www.akc.org

Just for Fun

Dogster www.dogster.com